Step into Lissae

Constantly under siege, only the Altoriae stands between her Realm and the beings who want to take it over for themselves.

That’s one girl to defend all of Lissae.

Except, she makes some friends. Only problem is, can she trust them?

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His choice could change the very fabric of the Realms…

The most feared being to walk the Dark Realms was once a mere hatchling. Scrawny, weak, and half-mortal, Sanithane strives to gain enough power to ensure his tormentors never bother him again.

But when his Queen sets an impossible task, Sanithane has to choose—his kin, or his life?

Find out the story behind the Golden Priest in Shadows, available 7th September.

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Step into the magical world of Lissae

with author R. Lennard


Before his job was saving the Altoriae, Jonathan had to learn to save himself.

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When a sentient realm asks you to be her protector, how can you say no?

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Waking up after the fiftieth time he’d died wasn’t any easier than the first. 

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A guilty conscious makes for a sloppy fighter.

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Discover where our favourite Golden Priest originated.

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Magic, a minotaur, and loads of mayhem.

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