Want to more about the world of Lissae? Magic, possession and reprehensible beings abound in these young adult fantasy short stories.

His choice could change the very fabric of the Realms…

The most feared being to walk the Dark Realms was once a mere hatchling. Scrawny, weak, and half-mortal, Sanithane strives to gain enough power to ensure his tormentors never bother him again.

But when his Queen sets an impossible task, Sanithane has to choose—his kin, or his life?

Find out the story behind the Golden Priest in Shadows.



How do you live after being eaten by a monster?

After he died, Collis found himself in a nightmarish realm full of creatures who want to eat him. Waking up after the fiftieth time he’d died wasn’t any easier than the first. 

Stuck in a pocket Realm, Collis and the residents from Ronah must defend themselves against the deadliest creatures from across the Realms. But survival comes at a cost.

And if they die? They reform. Over and over.

Just how are they going to escape?

Find out in Returned.



Guardian 037-6x9-Tablet-Coffee-Wood-Tabl

When evil walks, there must be a Guardian to save them all…

Jon Buan spent his first night on the streets after his father was killed protecting the Realm. Now, Jon must face the same menacing darkness as his father. Following the guidance of his strict mentor, Jon discovers his magic is stronger than he ever thought, but will he be strong enough to protect the whole Realm?

Will Jonathan survive the deadly Realms, or will he be forever changed?

Guardian is the introduction to the Lissae series of epic YA fantasy adventures. If you like fierce heroes, pulse-pounding action, and unique magical worlds, then you’ll love R. Lennard’s page-turning novella.

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The Eni Inside is a short story prelude to the Lissae series included in the 3rd Australian Pen anthology, The Evil Inside Us.

The Headmaster of Ridden Hall, Lawrence Anderson, went out on patrol, but never returned.

Instead, a being bent on taking over Lissae came back in his place.

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